The portfolio of our services

Free preventive check-ups

Prevention is extremely important to ensure that nothing hurts you and so that you don’t fear your dentist. That's why at RoyalDent, all preventive check-ups are free of charge. Regular annual preventive check-ups for free are offered once a year to adults, and twice a year to children up to 18 years of age. You will also have an initial preventive check-up before the first treatment..

Painless treatment of dental cavities

Yes, really. Nothing has to hurt you ever again, we promise. How is that? Our priority is the well-being of our patient, so we decided to introduce caries treatment under local anaesthesia from the smallest to extensive defects. We use amalgam (black) and photo-composite (white) fillings to treat caries. The result of the entire treatment will be an aesthetic model of the dental restoration, indistinguishable from the original shape of the tooth. You won´t even know that you had some caries in the first place...

Making dental prostheses

One can lose teeth with age, due to an injury or an illness. But whatever the cause, at RoyalDent, we can create tailor-made dentures within one to two weeks. When one tooth or more teeth are lost, the original teeth are replaced by fixed dentures, so called crowns and bridges. If most or all of the teeth are lost, the well-known prostheses or expertly called removable dentures are used. If a part of the set of teeth has been preserved and the denture has something to rest on, a removable partial denture may also be the solution. Come to us to consult your problem and do not let missing teeth traumatise you.

Dental hygiene

Brush, brush and brush. That´s what we have been taught since early childhood, right? But what if you are doing it wrong? One of the main tasks of our dental hygienists is, among other things, a prophylactic instruction and oral hygiene training for both children and adults. Our hygienists will be happy to provide you with additional services:

  • removal of soft dental plaques
  • ultrasound removal of tartar
  • treatment of periodontal pockets
  • local tooth fluoridation
  • airflow to remove coatings and food stains from dental surfaces
  • removal of smoker´s teeth coatings
  • providing advice on appropriate diet in caries prophylaxis
  • instructions on how to use appropriate oral hygiene products
  • sale of dental hygiene products (brushes, interdental brushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss, superfloss)

Selling oral hygiene products

At RoyalDent dental offices, you can purchase oral hygiene products of the highest quality.
What do we offer? Brushes for everyday use, single-volume brushes for thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and for brushing teeth while using dental braces, interdental brushes, dental floss, mouthwashes, tongue scrapers, toothpastes of various kinds (enamel protective, against bleeding, bleaching, etc.), special products to use for dental prosthesis.
In addition, every patient who undergoes dental hygiene receives a 5% discount on the purchase of these products!

Treat your mouth to quality care and visit RoyalDent dental offices.

Teeth whitening

White teeth are almost an obligation these days. Whoever does not have them is not in. However, incorrect and unprofessional whitening can cause irreparable damage. At RoyalDent, we offer a home bleaching kit with individually made carriers, or professional and safe bleaching at our clinic. In the case of a devital (dead) tooth, such a tooth can change colour over time and will not look the same as the rest of your teeth. We can help you with this problem, too. Get advice from experienced doctors to achieve a truly brilliant, white and long-lasting result..

Applying gems on teeth

Would you like to have an unusual fashion accessory? Then try aesthetic jewellery for teeth. The gems are adapted to the front face of the frontal teeth by roughening the surface for the gem first and then placing the gem on the tooth in the standard way and with the same material as a white tooth filling. Thus, there is no tooth disruption. Let your smile shine, literally.

Dental equipment

RoyalDent dental offices have been using their own dental technology since 1996. For over 20 years our laboratory staff have been educating and refining their skills in this field. Our professional and individual approach to every dental prosthesis we make guarantees perfect patient satisfaction. As a matter of course, there is guidance and consultation with our technicians at all stages of preparation, so that we can ensure the result fits exactly according to your ideas. The portfolio of our services is really wide. We make all types of dental prostheses (crowns, bridges, fixed orthotics, removable partial orthotics, facets, etc.) We also offer repair of orthotic work..

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